Dermatomes and Myotomes

The key to understanding the spine.

Special test for dermatomes and myotomes 10 638

I can't stress enough how important it is to understand dermatomes and myotomes when it comes to safely and accurately treating a client with spinal problems.

Dermatomes are the area of the skin that is supplied and innervated by a single nerve. Dermatomes are clinically useful to localise a lesion or compression to the nerve root. Myotomes relate to which group of muscles are innervated by each single nerve root. They are used throughout clinical practice to determine if damage has occurred or compression is occurring to the spinal cord and at which level this is.

New research suggest that each area of dermatomes crosses over by up to 50% into their neighbours, so this is an important consideration to take during the assessment of clients with potential spinal injury.


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