My Approach To Work

Smile and be your own person.

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Smile and be your own person.

I've always tried to approach my work as I find most comfortable. Being myself.

I've spoken before about how I feel the current state of the injury rehab world is a very lonely and confusing place at the moment. Everyone seems to be stood in front of a camera showing over complex exercises and spurting out technical verbal diarrhoea, that only they and other therapists understand. Rather than actually trying to educate their own clients how to look after themselves properly in a simple and clear way in which they understand.

Too many therapists seem to be too focused on trying to convince everyone else how clever and intellectual they are to normal day to day people who don't understand a word that is coming out their mouth.

Actually my professional term is a "Sport Rehabilitator". Whichever way it is put my end goal is still the same. To improve someone's injury and ultimately their quality of life.

I am no better nor worse than any of my clients, I'm simply here to do my job. If a client would like to know the full anatomical terms or clinical reasoning behind my work then absolutely I'll provide them with that. But I always prefer working with someone on the same level. I'm a normal, average joe. Just like everyone else. So I'm certainly not going to stand in a clinic room for 12 hours a day and try to impress someone with big long technical terms when ultimately all they want is to get better.

The world is a very confusing place at the moment. There's no need to make it any more confusing than it already is.

Simplicity is the key.


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