Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

A royal pain in the neck.

Thoracic outlet syndrome 1

Interesting to see someone in clinic today who has been repeatedly told for the last few weeks they has a "trapped nerve" but never got to the route cause of it.

Thoracic outlet syndrome is the compression of nerves (brachial plexus) and subclavian blood vessels between the first rib, clavicle and surrounding tissue of the neck and upper chest potentially causing; neck pain, shoulder pain, numbness/tingling of the fingers and impaired circulation!

Treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome involve; neural sliders and tensioners, release of scalenes, pectoralis minor and mobilisations of the first rib and clavicle. This along with the correct mobility and strengthening program will put you on the right track to be rid of those pins and needles!


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