Coaching and Verbal Cues

Where has the communication gone?

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Communication between a therapist and their client is just as important as the manual therapy and treatment provided in clinic. As discussed in previous videos and blogs specific exercises away from the treatment room is just as important if not more so.

A client should be able to replicate exercises and movement with the correct form and technique on a daily basis. Doing exercises wrongly could potentially be harmful towards their recovery. This is why it is important that a clinician has the ability to provide accurate and memorable verbal cues so that exercises are easily repeatable during their home/gym rehab program.

Personally, I prefer to coach my client's rehab program with verbal cues therefore providing them with memorable reminders on how to execute the movement safely and efficiently throughout their rehabilitation.

A therapist's ability to communicate comfortably with their client is vastly under-rated in the injury rehab profession at the moment. We are not robots and clients and not numbers on a conveyor belt. We are all real people with real goals in life. The art of true communication is being lost rapidly within the profession with too many people resorting to the use of machines or exercises on a piece of paper.

Building a true report with a client will result in gaining their trust in your knowledge. I personally believe that communicating efficiently really does allow a client to make the most out of their rehab.


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