Happiness at Work

Why so serious?

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Happiness within work is a key element necessary to succeed and be productive. Studies show that employees are 12% more productive when they are happy at work. Personally I find that this relates to the clients I see on a daily basis. If they're happier after their initial consultation and remain happy throughout their treatment, they are often more inclined to adhered to rehab and treatment.

My personal opinion of the current state of the profession "injury rehabilitation" is it's very serious and strict. I take what I do as seriously as the next person as the work I produce is a direct reflection on myself. While I'm hard at work the interaction I have with clients during a session is often light-hearted, comfortable and fun!

I feel that the seriousness of the profession and the moment reinforces a client's worries and concerns about their pain. Rather than providing reassurance and relief that their issue/injury will be resolved.

If I work with positive energy and add a few laughs along the way clients tend to respond in a similar way taking the edge of their injury anxiety, becoming confident in me and trusting what I say and do.

If you go to work or people come to you for a service. A simple smile, "hello, mate how are you" or down-to-earth laugh and a joke will improve their adherence to the task in hand. It's no different with rehab. If they trust in me and find that the rehab is not drab, boring and vanilla but enjoyable, successful and mint choc chip they'll achieve a lot more from it.

Being injured isn't ideal but having a laugh along the way can be a great benefit to getting back on your feet. Choose mint choc chip.


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