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A difficult time made easier by sticking together.

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Last week I offered out 10 free online consultation sessions in an attempt to provide some help to those who needed it but were concerned about the finances and to get some much-needed feedback on how the sessions work. What was good, what could be improved etc.

On the whole, the responses were very positive and all 10 of these individuals were more confident with their injuries and with the plans they had put in place.

This got me thinking. In my opinion, if I'm being brutally honest, this isn't the time to be fixated on profiting when there are individuals that are in pain but don't have the availability to pay for services at the moment.

For this reason, I made an announcement on my Facebook and Instagram page, stating that during the coronavirus pandemic I have made all online consultations and exercise prescriptions totally free of charge.

After seeing the NHS, supermarket staff and other key workers pull together for our communities during this time, this is my way of giving a little back and supporting the community is my own way.

Although this won't scratch the surface of the coronavirus issue, individuals still have other worries. If one of those worries revolves around an injury then that is where I would like to help.

There is a lot of stress and uncertainty at the moment. The last thing we all need is a dodgy back or a problematic knee adding to that.

If these services aren't useful to you but may be of help to a friend or family member, feel free to put them in touch and I'll do my very best for them.

Stay at home but stay healthy.


(PLEASE NOTE: As of May 12th I spent 8 weeks completing and supplying over 150 online sessions to the local community free of charge. I feel as though now is the time to transition back into normal life and reinstate the fee for this service. I hope you can understand)

Watch the announcement here:

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