Week 4 Of The Lockdown

I don't half miss my work!


You don't need me to tell you that we're all going through some challenging times at the moment. With the country on lockdown, businesses forced to close or work from home and being unable to socialise outside of our own 4 walls has presented us with something that we often complain that we have very little of. Time.

From my side of things I'm trying to use my time as constructively as possible. Communicating with clients, researching, social media work and exercising. I'll admit it, I've had off days. I've had days of 'what if', 'the unknown is stressing me out' and 'I just want to get back to normal'. But I'm certainly not the only one who's had days like that and if anyone says otherwise the likelihood is they're lying.

The positive to take from this time is that people are starting to fall in love with the simple things in life again. Going out for a walk, reading a book, baking, watching a film of an evening or having a brew and a natter with a loved one via facetime is something that ordinarily we'd all take for granted but now these are the highlight of our day.

For me this time has taught me one thing; how much I adore the job that I do and the reasons why I'm out of the house at the crack of dawn. There's nothing I'd love more than to go to bed this evening knowing I've got a client to see at 7am tomorrow.

Personally, I feel as though we have to take this time not for what it is but what we can make of it. Given that what we used to moan about during the daily grind is the thing that we miss when it's taken away.

Stay safe.


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