Marathon Training - Phase 1

Aintree 10km

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Excuse the flattering photograph!

As some of you know. A few months back I left it to the discretion of my clients and followers to decide whether I should enter into the Bolton Marathon in May 2020. Obviously, with a chance to put me through some pain, they voted for me to enter! Great.

As promised, I'm registered.

Today, on a freezing and windy morning, I took my first step in marathon training and completed the "Aintree 10km". Where better to do it than around the prestigious Aintree racecourse.

With a time of 51 minutes I'm not going to give Red Rum a run for his money but being able to run the course comfortably was my initial aim.

I see marathon runners, ultra runners and triathletes week in week out in the clinic. So doing this challenge has given me a totally new outlook and level of respect for them. Taking on a marathon to these type of men and women are a regular occurrence but for myself, it's a huge physical challenge.

Before this challenge, I hadn't done a road race since I was 16 and I've not been for a run for almost 3 years! So I'm literally starting from scratch. But it'll be interesting to see and show my clients that you can progress yourself to your end goal effectively and avoid injury in the process.

I'm definitely not a runner and to say I enjoy running would be nothing short of a lie. But I am a man of my word and if I've promised to do this marathon I will!

Couch to 5k? Meat & Potato to Marathon!

Next stop: Wigan Half Marathon, March 2020.


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