Simplicity is key

Machines can't replace your therapist.

Simplicity. It's the basis of everything I do throughout work and even rings true in the environment I work in.

For those of you who have been to see me at Bolton or Leyland will be aware of the simplistic layout of both clinics. There is no placebo effecting machine, no skin warming heat lamps and certainly no over-expensive "massage gun" gimmicks.

As modern technology has advanced there has been increased development of numerous gadgets and gizmo developed for use during injury management and rehabilitation. No more so than the array of devices on the market today. However, a vast amount of research articles have been produced to disprove the effect of these and place them firmly under the bracket of "placebos".

My own personal approach to rehab is to keep it simple. Old school, traditional hands-on approach to manual therapy and exercise prescription. Yes, I do this with a modern approach with modern techniques and obviously, I do use modern equipment such as aircast boots (Rooney boot as you may know them as), kinesiology tape and fascial release tools. The application of these is limited but effective and used only when beneficial to a client.

Too many therapists now seem to be introducing the use of machines into their clinical practice and all it is providing is longer and more expensive recovery with poorer quality results. There is no stand-in for exercise. The correct rehab program is the gold standard of correctly managing a problematic injury. Manual therapy works alongside that to assist recovery.

In some aspects of the world, machines are definitely replacing humans. But machines are no replica or replacement for your therapist's hands or knowledge.


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