Time well spent.

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Successful injury rehabilitation isn't an area.
The quality of treatment doesn't necessarily rely on the room.
A fresh coat of paint won't fix a muscle strain.
New equipment does the same job as the old.

All correct. But it certainly helps. It improves patients' experience. A clean and organized workspace allows for better function and improves output.

Over the recent months, I had become unhappy with my workspace, it's lack of organization and the amount of general "clutter" that had been collected over the years. The treatment room I am sat in as I write this has taken thousands of appointments through its door so naturally, it begins to look tired.

A couple of weeks back I decided to book out 3 days of my diary to give it a bit of a revamp. With help from my wife, we removed everything that was in here. All that remained where a set of dumbbells and my degree certificates. We stripped out, sanded down, primed, glossed, re-painted and re-furnished.

What a difference those three days have made. Each client who has been in since who were used to the old, love the new! And it has even made a difference to my working experience. Everything has it home. It's organized, it's clean, it's presentable. I'm proud of it. A clinic room doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. It only a small part of Bolton but to me it's everything. I spend most of my week here, more so than I do in my own home. So to be proud of it a real thing.

Thanks to my wife for the help. I'm so glad we did it.


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