Rotator Cuff Tear

Chronic Shoulder Pain or Degenerative Asymptomatic Shoulder?


A good follow-on from Halloween this "scary" sounding injury (see what I did there) is actually more common in asymptomatic shoulders than you think!

A study to determine the age-related prevalence of rotator cuff tears in asymptomatic shoulders found divided patients into 4 groups:

Group 1 (aged 50-59 years): showed 13% of the patients had rotator cuff tears

Group 2 (60-69 years): showed 20% of patients had rotator cuff tears

Group 3 (70-79 years): showed 31% of patients had rotator cuff tears

Group 4 (aged 80+): showed 51% of patients had rotator cuff tears

Predictably, as shown, the rate of tears increased with patient age.

It is unclear as to which parameters convert an asymptomatic rotator cuff tear into an asymptomatic tear.

As a result, rotator cuff tears must to a certain extent be regarded as “normal” degenerative attrition, not necessarily causing pain and functional impairment.

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