Subjective Assessment

The Key To Unlocking Your Diganosis


A chat. A natter. A chin wag. ⠀

Whenever you want to call it, for me it's the most vital part of any thorough assessment ⠀

A subjective assessment is an initial discussion that takes includes gathering information on; age, lifestyle, activity levels, aggravating and easing factors, past medical history, the current status of injury, medication, red flags, etc etc ⠀

Comments such as; ⠀

"It's particularly bad in the morning"⠀
"I struggle to get my shoes and socks on" ⠀
"It's worse going downstairs" ⠀
"I feel like it is going to give way"⠀

Are massive tell-tale signs are to what we're dealing with. ⠀

From experience, this assessment basically paints the picture of a diagnosis. ⠀

Without this detailed discussion, you can't truly understand someone's pain and injury to then make a comprehensive plan to resolve and improve⠀ are the real deal.⠀


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