Why Can't I Stay Injury Free?

You're Trimming The Leaves


Admit it, we all know someone we'd describe as "injury prone" or know someone who has a "glass back".

Any injury can lead to a string of complications if left to it's own devices. Such as;

Increased Symptoms

For example; Hip pain developing further into back and knee pain.


Worrying and stressing due to uncertainty of full recovery. Mental Health issues caused by a sudden decrease in social activities and exercises which are un-forgiving to the injury at hand.

Effecting Daily Life

Having to alter how you work, how you sleep, how you sit, even how you drive! Just to get comfortable.


This is basically an acceptance of the situation. Accepting that you're never going to get better and you just have to live with it. Therefore, you change external factors to make your life more comfortable such as walking with a stick or wearing a back brace.

Yes, there are people on the planet who have genetic abnormalities that make injury rehabilitation and remaining injury free particularly difficult.

However, for a large number of people, their issues post-injury come from exactly that. The initial injury. After several visits to the GP for medication, spending pounds upon pounds on aids to make life more comfortable and googling every symptom under the sun the ROOT of the problem is still the same. The initial injury.

Use our help and knowledge of injury rehabilitation as a hypothetical 'weedkiller'. Remove the roots and the leaves can't develop. Trim the leaves and the roots continue to supply the ongoing issues and the leaves grow back.

Don't trim the leaves. Deal with the roots.


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