Why Is Strength Training Important?

Why resistance training should be a part of your daily routine


Strength training isn't just slinging weights about and hoping for the best. It's more specific than that. Exercise selection varies from person to person.

Choice of resistance can vary from a barbell to a tin of beans 🫘

Strength training done correctly can enhance your quality of life and improve your ability to do simple tasks and capacity to complete everyday activities.

Keeping muscles, bones and joints strong enables you to move better and more efficiently and in the long run, helps reduce your risk of developing age related conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Applying strength training to your daily routine is critically important to;

Lower your risk of injury

Boost energy levels

Enhance brain function and metal health

Protect bone health and retain muscle mass

Increase daily performance

For some, the idea of strength training can be daunting and off putting but it isn't all sweat bands and kettle bells.

If you're unsure how to incorporate strength training into your day and find a way of training that is suitable for you, get in touch with us at Injury Mechanics and we can guide you through the process.


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