Downhill Running - Top Tips

How to nail your downhill running technique...

What goes up must come down, right?

But we only ever talk about going up!

After competing in the undulating St Helens 10k yesterday (where I finally broke sub 40 and finished in 38:28) we're talking all things downhill today!

Here are my top tips for efficient downhill running and injury prevention;

1️⃣ Try Leaning forward. We have more control in this position than leaning back. Similar to sports such as skiing

2️⃣ Stay light on your feet. Easier said than done but spending less time on the ground and softening your landing reduces stress from the force produced, through your joints

3️⃣ Focus on stride length. For more challenging/steeper/mixed terrain hills - Short stride length. For less steep hills - longer stride length

4️⃣ Use your arms for balance. A simple way of using your arms to create control and balance is to let them abduct at the shoulder a little more than usual, effectively creating a wider carriage of the arms.

5️⃣ Stay confident & Relax! Gravity is your friend. With some gentle practice, and taking the time to train for running downhill, you’ll find that your form naturally improves as you become more at home with the situation!

Whether you're tackling the trails or running a challenging road route, practicing your downhill running form is important. What goes up...must come down!


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