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This is me, Jonathan Collier.

A lad from Wigan hoping to right the wrongs of modern injury management and rehabilitation. No heat lamps, no ultrasound, no TENS machine, no block bookings, just a traditional honest approach to manual therapy.

As some of you may have noticed, currently I'm trying to push and improve my social media standings via Facebook and Instagram.

A lot of my client base derives from word of mouth. And that's great because it tells me that I'm doing a good job and people are recommending me, which is all I can ask from my clients. However, recently I've noticed my social media doesn't show a true representation of myself as a therapist or tell a potential client who I am and what I am about.

So I've decided to try and add a more personal touch to my social media and website. This started early last week by having professional photographs taken of myself in action with current clients (and family members I knew had a free evening) alongside my recent #FreeTipFriday vlogs. This offers people who just want a smidgen of advice the chance to ask questions regarding their aches and pains, or queries about their niggles during daily actives.

Any therapist worth their salt should have the ability to make their client feel at ease during their initial session and beyond. I've always felt (and hopefully this is supported by past and present clients) that I do have this ability. My aim is to hopefully ease potential clients' nerves and worries before hand and remove the "serious" approach to the profession.

If you do have any questions or ideas regarding my new 'personal approach' please do get in touch, I'd love to take on board peoples opinions during the new revamp.


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