My Squad!

How can these three possibly train together?


This picture represents my "go to guys" for; advice if I have any idea for the business, worries I have within my personal life and more recently my training squad!

Over the past 12 months me, my wife to be and my dad have been training together week in week out. All three of us have very different goals and aims we want to achieve from our training. All three of us have very different capacities and abilities when it comes to lifting weights, circuit training or cardio.

So how is it feasible that 3 people with a variety of different qualities and abilities can successfully train together regularly?


Being able to adapt an exercise or rehab program for an individual and make it personal to them is a skill. And a particularly important one at that! Being able to take one exercise and tweak it a number of different ways to make it suitable for a number of different individuals is the difference between the average therapist and a successful one.

Rehab and injury prevention isn't one size fits all. Everyone has different external and internal factors that affect adherence to a training program. In order for rehab to be successful, factors such as their working routine, lifestyle, overall ability and activity levels need to be addressed before a specific program becomes rewarding.

Being able to train with these two throughout my week is a pleasure. It's also a test of my ability to plan sessions involving exercises we can all vary whilst still gaining the maximum from our session.

After a particularly bad football related ankle injury 18 months ago, my dad is as fit as he's been for a number of years. With a history of long-standing hip pain, my fiancé is in the shape of her life in preparation for our wedding. Read into that what you will.


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