How Can A Sport Rehabilitator Help Me?

What do I actually do?


How Can You Be Helped By A Sport Rehabilitator?

A very common misconception is that injury rehabilitation/physiotherapist/sports therapist, whatever name it goes by these days, is just muscle and soft tissue.

This simply isn't the case.

A number of years in higher education and hours of self-dedicated study allows us to provide the advice and care that we do. Within that care there is a lot more than massage and soft tissue work. Some examples are;


- Mobility and range of movement within the joints are crucial in order for other adjacent joints and soft tissue to function at the best of their ability. This mobility decreases the chances of further injury or prevention of injury at all.

Nervous System

- A particularly complex system within the body. In regards to treating nerve pain a multi-modal approach is often best. Combining methods of; manual therapy, exercise prescription and medication where necessary.


- Often a forgotten but crucial aspect to successful rehab and injury management. It is common to see some individuals are restricted by fear of injury itself. Pain anxiety. This should be incorporated into rehab in order to show and teach individuals what capacity their body really has.


- Being Fit. Being fit doesn't mean six pack and bulging biceps. It means you are fit for purpose. If your daily life consists of sitting at a desk all day working at a computer and you are pain free with no issue at all, you are fit. Each individual/client post rehabilitation should return to their daily challenges "fitter" than they where prior to injury.


- Not know to be a specialism. However, a large amount of what we eat contributes to pain/poor recovery. For example; alcohol dilates blood vessels, so if you have an acute injury with bleeding and swelling then spend a night on the tiles, the likely hood is that injury will feel worse because there has been excess bleeding due to alcohol consumption.

and much more besides!

If you need any further information or would like to know how we can help you please do get in touch.


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